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Bo van Elzakker
Agro Eco – Louis Bolk Instituut
Centrumlaan 2, NL-6869VE Heveadorp, The Netherlands
b.vanelzakker (at)
Louis Bolk Institute, research organic farming, food and healthcare
Beate Huber
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FiBL
Ackerstrasse, CH-5070 Frick, Switzerland
beate.huber (at),
 Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FiBL
Jochen Neuendorff
Resource Protection Ltd., GfRS
Prinzenstraße 4, DE-37073 Göttingen, Germany
jochen.neuendorff (at),
Resource Protection Ltd., GfRS

Gesellschaft für Ressourcenschutz
Managing directors:
Dr. Ludger Klempt, ludger.klempt (at) 
Dr. Jochen Neuendorff, jochen.neuendorff (at) 
Prinzenstraße 4, 37073 Göttingen

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